FASTINAP’s main field of activity is R&D and P&D studies, which mainly include industrial or structural designs for transportation systems, prototype works of products and commissioning processes.

In addition to these services, customers are provided with the installation, integration and technical support services of the technologies they need.

Transportation Vehicles Design

Fastinap provides end-to-end service to its customers with more than 10 years of vehicle design and development experience in all vehicles used in human and cargo transportation, from cars to buses, trams to high speed trains.

In addition, there are over 1000+ parts design and production history in many types of materials, especially sheet, plastic, composite, welded complete.


PDM and PLM Consultancy

PDM, the basic level of PLM Systems, for small and medium sized enterprises; It makes the management of data and project data systematic and easily accessible and prevents loss of time. Thanks to the fast access of correct information, fast financial return is provided.
Nowadays, common problems of many companies are solved without any problem through PDM.

Our Services

Product Development
We offer end-to-end product analysis, design and development solutions. We offer professional solutions on Design and Development.
Reverse Engineering
Reverse engineering involves taking physical measurements of an object and then creating it as a three-dimensional model.
PLM software optimizes the management of BOMs in all processes from concept to product, from circulation to removal.
Facility and Line Installation
We provide design services for your existing or new mechanical-automation cells and production lines according to your demands.
Supplier Development
Working with multiple suppliers has a simple rationale. Companies seek new solutions due to supplier inefficiencies.
Aftersales Services
Fastinap provides after sales services with its experienced staff in over 10 years of vehicle, product design and engineering.
Installation, integration and technical support, R&D and production consultancy of the technologies companies need.
Advanced Engineering
We are able to offer the service needed by different sectors with a different approach by making use of the experience it has.