Fastinap has much first rolling stock project in Turkey and adds value to the design and production work is to give a high level of service.

In addition, body, exterior and interior trim parts, air conditioning designs that have a direct impact on driver and passenger comfort, packaging and placement work. The product localization services have a 360-degree service concept, including the delivery and commissioning of products produced from technical specifications to the customer.

All these studies are carried out by selecting products that comply with UIC, UNIFE, etc. standards and IRIS certified.


  • Bursa Tram
  • Greencity LRV
  • Panorama Tram
  • Alibeykoy-Eminonu Tram
  • Hibrid Locomotive
  • National Train (EMU)


  • Create EBOM,MBOM
  • Create technical documents
  • Determination of production stations
  • Design and manufacture of fixtures
  • Measurement & check
  • Mass production support