PDM;PLM Services

  • Commissioning consultancy
  • Customization of the newly installed / existing system according to the company
  • Systematic transfer of data in different locations (cad, word, excel, pdf etc.) to the system
  • Creation of product trees in the system
  • Data management consultancy
  • In-house user training


PLM software for companies optimizes management and transformation of product trees in all processes from the concept stage to the product from circulation.

A successful PLM solution:

  • It has high performance, internet-based participatory work environment and security infrastructure.
  • It offers benefits in terms of time to put the product on the market, efficiency, compliance with legislation and low production cost.
  • Product trees and related technical drawings can be easily arranged.
  • Speeds up homologation processes.
  • It is also convenient to prepare service and user manuals.

PDM, the basic level of PLM Systems, for small and medium sized enterprises; It makes the management of data and project data systematic and easily accessible and prevents loss of time. Thanks to the fast access of accurate information, fast financial return is provided.

Nowadays, common problems of many companies are solved without any problem through PDM.